DR. B. O. Oni

Associate Professor


Dr. Babatunde Oni is a graduate of the prestigious and most international University of the Russian federation, the People's Friendship University of Russia,  Moscow, where he studied international Journalism and Broadcast Media. He specializes in international communication,  integrated marketing communications, risk communication and digital media. His research focuses on the dynamics and nature of international communication, the changing nature of production, dissemination and use of communication content under changing technological environment; digital media resentations/ representations and societal values and digital humanities. He has published in local and international learned journals and contributed book chapters.


booni@mtu.edu.ng, olagoke_oni@yahoo.com, olagokeoni@gmail.com



Position In The Department

Area of Specialization

Theoretical and Computational Physics

Position In The Department

Head of Department

Research Interests

The dynamics and nature of International communication under changing social, political, economic and technological factors

Television and digital media presentations/representations and societal values

Digital Humanities as a new direction in the study of societal interaction with communication technology and other technologies

Liberation Technologies

Television, Soft Power and Public Diplomacy


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Mass Communiaction


B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD.